I intend to promote the need of high quality wellbeing research at the SDCRN 4th Annual Conference on dementia in Glasgow today

This is the programme for today which I’m looking to enormously today. I will be promoting heavily the cause of living well with dementia, to swing the pendulum away from pumping all the money into clinical trials into drug trials for medications which thus far have had nasty side effects. In keeping with this, I […]

My name is Shibley, and I’m addicted to buying my own book ‘Living well with dementia’

I’ve sat in more recovery sessions than you’ve had hot dinners…. .. possibly. So I get a surge of dopamine whenever I receive yet more copies of my book from Amazon. Worth every penny. I am Shibley. and I’m addicted to buying my own book. But I also have a weird habit of getting people […]

My book launch of “Living well with dementia” – special guest messages from Peter, Kate and Norman

I held a private book launch for guests of mine, who are interested in dementia at the grassroots level. The talk was dedicated to Charmaine Hardy (@CharBHardy), whose husband has a very rare type of dementia known as primary progressive non-fluent aphasia. The publishers picked her poppy to be the cover of my book. This […]

Twitter’s telling me some of you have received my book at last!

Thanks to Rhona Light (“@Hippiepig“) for giving me feedback on my book. She was the very first to receive it. Rhona’s copy of her book arrived yesterday. @legalaware Sorry I can’t tweet a pic as it says over memory limit but it is super. Poppy cover with CPD cert logo and forewords attrib. — Rhona […]