References for my last book ‘Enhancing health for living with dementia: care homes and care at home’

The references are given as below. This will give you a good flavour of the topics I wish to cover in my final book. I am honoured that the Forewords to my book will be written by Prof Sube Banerjee, Chair in Dementia at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Lisa Rodrigues and Lucy Frost.   […]

Living with dementia in care homes – not just ‘commissioning services’

An organic transformative cultural change towards a sense of ‘working together’ will drive the development of care home services which are driven ultimately by the people who need them. The population of residents in care and nursing homes can often too have diverse and complex cognitive and behavioural needs. The mental health of residents, such […]

Personhood-focused relationships: a moral drive to get away from the transactional nature of care

In a way, the approach thus far has been very straightforward. Even after abolishing ‘asylums’ for mental illness, Tom Kitwood pointed out the remains of the asylum days. That is, with all the best will in the world from all parties involved, a tendency towards ‘warehousing’ of people with later stages of dementia. In such places, […]

Trivialising dementia – too much inappropriate rocking of the boat?

When I wrote my highly successful book, “Living well with dementia”, using the phrase deliberately from the 2009 English dementia strategy document for England, I never knew the phrase was being bastardised so much for often very trivial initiatives in dementia. On the other hand, I had huge delight in seeing its immediate relevance to […]