Like Matisse’s artwork, living well with dementia is a triumph of hope over pessimism

You can feel it from start to finish. Matisse is innovation all over. It’s about experimenting. It’s about not being frightened of failure. It’s about not worrying what people think of you. It’s about cracking a few eggs to make an omelette. It was a delight to go to London SE1 “Tate Modern” to see […]

Who were the biggest winners and losers of the G8 dementia summit? My survey of 96 persons without dementia

Background The G8 summit on dementia was much promoted ‘to put dementia on top of the world agenda’. It is described in detail on the “Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge” website. I went only last Monday to Glasgow to the SDCRN conference retrospective on the G8 dementia. It was a sort-of debrief for people in the […]

Fighting to make friends. On the dissonance in donation to dementia charities.

By 2006, Bush had convinced himself that the invasion of Iraq was not a mistake. “I’ve never been more convinced that the decisions I made are the right decisions,” he told a delegation of conservative columnists. If you wish to believe that there is a war against dementia, you will go round seeking information to […]