Connectedness, continuity and community: going beyond ‘friendliness’

I do not have any ideological objection to ‘dementia friendly communities’. It is hard to object being friendly however it is defined, so long as it does not foster a sense of belittling or victimhood for me. However, it does concern me how superficial this construct is, potentially. If you wish to extend the notion […]

“A community where we’re nice to everyone? It might catch on.”

The word ‘friendly’ in the term “dementia friendly communities” defies definition. At the very worst, it has a twang of “does he take sugar?” about it. The reasonable question which most of us have thought about is why focus on people with dementia? This from a commissioner’s perspective is a worthy one – why not […]

A person newly diagnosed with dementia has a question for primary care, and primary care should know the answer

Picture this. It’s a busy GP morning surgery in London. A patient in his 50s, newly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, a condition which causes a progressive decline in structure and function of the brain, has a simple question off his GP. “Now that I know that I have Alzheimer’s disease, how best can I look […]