The two cultures and the dementia revolution

  In the Senate House, on 7 May 1959, C.P. Snow gave the seminal Rede lecture at Cambridge entitled “The two cultures and the scientific revolution”.  One seminal passage goes as follows: “Literary intellectuals at one pole—at the other scientists, and as the most representative, the physical scientists. Between the two a gulf of mutual incomprehension—sometimes (particularly […]

England’s future strategy for dementia offers hope if articulated and implemented properly

What follows is a massive disservice as I take a policy wonk approach to outing the problems in our current English policy. You would better served in spending your time listening to Andy Tysoe or Tommy Whitelaw, whose efforts on dementia are truly remarkable. It is truly a sad indictment of our society that the […]

Empowering the person living with dementia personally, with more than the diagnosis

The 2009 English dementia strategy, co-authored by Sube Banerjee, now Professor of dementia at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, and Jenny Owen, then head of social care in Essex, went a long way to providing a road map for a strategy. This laid down useful foundations, many strands of which were to be embellished tactically under […]

The ‘cure vs care’ debate: “Priorities for the future”, a conclusion by Prof Peter Whitehouse

Review: “The end of Alzheimer’s disease—From biochemical pharmacology to ecopsychosociology: A personal perspective.” in the journal “Biochemical pharmacology” to be published 2014. His biography is as follows: Prof. Peter J. Whitehouse, MD, PhD is Professor of Neurology as well as current or former Professor of Cognitive Science, Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Psychology, Nursing, Organizational Behavior, Bioethics and […]