In ‘dementia friendly communities’, it’s how we relate to one another which really matters

I actually don’t know what ‘a better shopping experience’ is, although I’ve had plenty of awful shopping experiences down Oxford Street in the run up to Christmas. Joking aside, despite the developments in anti-discrimination legislation in England for people with physical disability, there’ve been concerns that there’s still room for improvement. Anecdotally, people living with […]

Should there be a legal duty ensure people with dementia get help to manage their finances?

A press release on the new Scottish Social Attitudes report about dementia (and caring) was published late yesterday evening. I found the findings very positive taken as a whole, in relation to the Scottish dementia policy transposing ‘dementia friendly communities’. However, one of the ‘issues’ that dementia friendly communities as a policy was supposed to address […]

A single cure is not the only hope for living better with dementia

Many people living with dementia, having been told to expect the worst sometimes from some professionals, find themselves surprised when they’ve found they’ve met some nice people after diagnosis, and learnt new things. And guess what? You do not have to be religious to have hopes. Addressing emotional and physical needs are important for meeting […]

England’s future strategy for dementia offers hope if articulated and implemented properly

What follows is a massive disservice as I take a policy wonk approach to outing the problems in our current English policy. You would better served in spending your time listening to Andy Tysoe or Tommy Whitelaw, whose efforts on dementia are truly remarkable. It is truly a sad indictment of our society that the […]

Dementia friendly communities and ‘the Big Society’ – my pledge for #NHSChangeDay

If you trawl back ‘through the archives’, it is quite constructive to chart the origins of ‘the Big Society’. Often seen as the policy turkey which never flew, it was the idea that communities could produce measurable outcomes for the benefit of society through voluntary action. The “Big Society” has had more policy relaunches than […]

Building ‘cognitive ramps’ for NHS Change Day

Andy Tysoe, @dementiaboy, is on a remarkably important mission. “Hi, my name is Andy Tysoe and I’m a dementia nurse, based at the Countess of Chester Hospital and campaign lead for NHS Change Day #dementiaDO. Part of my clinical role is to help people affected by dementia through the challenge of an acute hospital stay […]