The energy of ‘Dementia Friends’ needs to be sustained as we begin to build the future

I had a terrific time between 2 and 5 September 2015 in Ljubljana in Slovenia for the 25th Alzheimer Europe conference: the theme of the conference (“Conference”) was “Putting strategies and research into practice”. Helga managed to catch me on September 1 to invite me to come as an observer to the AGM. I enjoyed […]

Dementia Friends in Canada – showing there is a “wrong type of education”

Chris Roberts, who was diagnosed with mixed vascular and Alzheimer’s dementia in his late 40s, made a very focused comment yesterday in conversation with Angela Rippon at the annual Alzheimer’s Show in London. Chris argued that we can all ‘be aware’, but “awareness is very different from education”. Coincidentally, I had been privately been discussing […]

Building ‘cognitive ramps’ for NHS Change Day

Andy Tysoe, @dementiaboy, is on a remarkably important mission. “Hi, my name is Andy Tysoe and I’m a dementia nurse, based at the Countess of Chester Hospital and campaign lead for NHS Change Day #dementiaDO. Part of my clinical role is to help people affected by dementia through the challenge of an acute hospital stay […]

I’ve made 77 Dementia Friends. Another session today.

My attempts at making ‘Dementia Friends’ are very modest. But my friend Chris Roberts (@mason4233) keeps on emphasising its quality not quantity. I’ve made 77 Dementia Friends thus far. Chris would say that “that’s 77 more people who know more about dementia than they did before.” My “dashboard” is very low key, but I am […]

“It’s possible to live well with dementia”: a crucial message in @DementiaFriends

“Dementia Friends” is an initiative from the Alzheimer’s Society and Public Health England. In this series of blogpost, I take an independent look at each of the five core messages of “Dementia Friends” and I try to explain why they are extremely important for raising public awareness of the dementias.   This is the plucky […]