When the awareness is not enough. Family experiences must guide acute care for dementia.

Chris Roberts, living with mixed vascular and Alzheimer’s dementia, stated clearly in a session run by Angela Rippon at the Alzheimer’s Show: “It’s not only awareness we need: it’s actual education” He was of course referring to the mushrooming of ‘dementia awareness’. At one level, “awareness” is very basic. It’s called “tier 1” in the […]

An innovative programme to encourage extensive knowledge sharing: the HE KSS/BSMS Primary Care Dementia Fellowship Programme

The HE KSS/BSMS (Health Education Kent Surrey and Sussex / Brighton and Sussex Medical School) have launched the “Primary Care Dementia Fellowship Programme”. This is a programme for GPs, practice nurses and staff, and community nurses in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. (Health Education Kent Surrey and Sussex will provide the funding to release Fellows to […]

‘Reasons to be cheerful’ part 4. Prof Sube Banerjee’s inaugural lecture in Brighton on living well with dementia.

For me the talk was like a badly needed holiday. I joked with Kay there, a colleague of Lisa, that it felt like a (happy) wedding reception. @charbhardy hello Chars – not at all the same without you. Thinking of you and G. Very windy on seafront here at Brighton x — shibley (@legalaware) February […]