Trivialising dementia – too much inappropriate rocking of the boat?

When I wrote my highly successful book, “Living well with dementia”, using the phrase deliberately from the 2009 English dementia strategy document for England, I never knew the phrase was being bastardised so much for often very trivial initiatives in dementia. On the other hand, I had huge delight in seeing its immediate relevance to […]

Living well with corporate capture. What is the future of the Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge?

“Citizens have become consumers with status proportional to purchasing power, and former public spaces have been enclosed and transformed into private malls for shopping as recreation or “therapy.” Step by step, private companies, dedicated to enriching their owners, take over the core functions of the state. This process, which has profound implications for health policy, is […]

“Drop in centres”. Definitely “one to watch” in the new English dementia strategy.

Access to any sort of dementia service has become the focus of scrutiny in the English dementia strategy. For example, NHS Bristol and Bristol City Council Health and Social Care have produced a strategy document entitled ‘Living well with dementia in Bristol’ to run 2011-2015. They helpfully provide the following table on page 32. There […]

An innovative programme to encourage extensive knowledge sharing: the HE KSS/BSMS Primary Care Dementia Fellowship Programme

The HE KSS/BSMS (Health Education Kent Surrey and Sussex / Brighton and Sussex Medical School) have launched the “Primary Care Dementia Fellowship Programme”. This is a programme for GPs, practice nurses and staff, and community nurses in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. (Health Education Kent Surrey and Sussex will provide the funding to release Fellows to […]

The real influencers of English dementia policy aside from #G8dementia

In a rather strange Stakhanovite way, certain health magazines are strangely obsessed with the fetish of the ‘top 100’. I am as such not a great advocate of, “Everybody has won, and all must have prizes.” immortalised by Chapter 3 of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but as someone who has devoted all of […]

My personal view of the importance of high quality #research in dementia for the #G8summit

I have a foot in both research camps. I believe in good quality research about the ‘medicine’ of dementia. In the world of research, I am known to have contributed an original paper in the diagnosis of the frontal-variant of frontotemporal dementia. This paper explained why people with a dementia could even end up having […]