Stigma in dementia poses crucial questions for dementia friendly communities

The literature on stigma is comprehensive. But Kate Swaffer added to it beautifully in the journal ‘Dementia’, with an article today – on open access – entitled “Dementia: Stigma, language and dementia friendly”. Kate refers to a blogpost by Ken Clasper, a Dementia Friends Champion, which asks, sensibly, what we are trying to achieve with […]

My research on #G8dementia and on markets for the @AlzheimerEurope conference 2014

I will be presenting two posters on attitudes amongst the general public towards the ‘G8 dementia’ event as it was then. I was aghast that out of 75 web articles that the phrase “Living well with dementia” wasn’t used once. There was a huge bias towards the medical model of dementia. Respondents overwhelmingly felt that […]

Please take part in my survey on the G8 Dementia Summit 2013

It’s always struck me that there has never been much feedback about what the general public thought about the G8 dementia summit (“Summit”) held last year. Information about this one-day conference is given here. The Summit was being held at Lancaster House in London on 11 December 2013. Delegates include G8 Ministers, researchers, pharmaceutical companies […]

Tomorrow, hell freezes over as I attend my first conference on dementia since 1999

I have famously said, “All hell will freeze over before I attend a conference in dementia”. Well, actually, tomorrow is the day that theoretically all hell freezes over. I will be taking the train in the afternoon to go from London Euston to Glasgow Central. It is in fact a very highly emotional journey for […]

My name is Shibley, and I’m addicted to buying my own book ‘Living well with dementia’

I’ve sat in more recovery sessions than you’ve had hot dinners…. .. possibly. So I get a surge of dopamine whenever I receive yet more copies of my book from Amazon. Worth every penny. I am Shibley. and I’m addicted to buying my own book. But I also have a weird habit of getting people […]

The real influencers of English dementia policy aside from #G8dementia

In a rather strange Stakhanovite way, certain health magazines are strangely obsessed with the fetish of the ‘top 100’. I am as such not a great advocate of, “Everybody has won, and all must have prizes.” immortalised by Chapter 3 of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but as someone who has devoted all of […]

The #G8Dementia Summit – a curious lack of a person-centred approach in the research strategy

David Cameron should be given credit for making ‘dementia’ the topic for discussion of the G8 on 11th December 2013. But the event runs the risk of being a trade fair for the pharmaceutical industry, becoming increasingly desperate to prove their worth in dementia and society. However, it is widely acknowledged that cholinesterase inhibitors, drugs […]