The energy of ‘Dementia Friends’ needs to be sustained as we begin to build the future

I had a terrific time between 2 and 5 September 2015 in Ljubljana in Slovenia for the 25th Alzheimer Europe conference: the theme of the conference (“Conference”) was “Putting strategies and research into practice”. Helga managed to catch me on September 1 to invite me to come as an observer to the AGM. I enjoyed […]

Why does Jeremy Hughes appear to have done a ‘volte face’ over anti-dementia drugs?

I have previously discussed the Alzheimer’s Society Drug Discovery Programme video here. About 13-14 seconds in, Fiona Phillips – who is actually an outstanding campaigner for dementia causes – says clearly, “Current treatments only help with symptoms for a short while.” About 15-16 seconds in, Fiona Phillips says, “They don’t stop dementia from progressing“. The […]

The #G8Dementia Summit – a curious lack of a person-centred approach in the research strategy

David Cameron should be given credit for making ‘dementia’ the topic for discussion of the G8 on 11th December 2013. But the event runs the risk of being a trade fair for the pharmaceutical industry, becoming increasingly desperate to prove their worth in dementia and society. However, it is widely acknowledged that cholinesterase inhibitors, drugs […]