My final book on living with dementia: seeing the big picture

The picture above was taken at Ljubljana in Slovenia where we had the 25th Alzheimer Europe conference on the theme of “Dementia: Putting strategies and research into practice”. Perhaps one of the most overused terms of the century is ‘breaking down the silo’. I don’t know enough about the engineering of silos to comment, thankfully. […]

‘Living better’ can become a reality for people with dementia if they lead policy

In the penultimate chapter in my book, I provide a reasoned case why people living with dementia should be given a chance to articulate details of ‘policy’. Virtually all of us who attended the event (“A conversation with Kate and Shibley” described in this previous blogpost of mine on this blog) found the afternoon ‘inspiring’ […]

Pharma can have an important rĂ´le to play for dementia, but we should not be afraid to ask what

It’s a pretty big ask to call for ‘a cure for dementia by 2025’. But I was thinking of it from the other perspective. What if there were ‘a cure for dementia’? Should one be ungrateful to all the world leaders, other politicians and various stakeholders for giving such prominence to this initiative? Medicine is […]

Contents to my new book ‘Living better with dementia: Good practice and innovation for the future’

  Please note that this may or may not be the final book cover. My new book ‘Living better with dementia: good practice and innovation for the future’ will be published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers on July 21st 2015. The information about the book is here. This is the official ‘blurb’. What do national dementia […]

Kate Swaffer urges that research should not only focus on cure but also should examine care

This was my ‘pledge’ for #globaldementia It reflects Kate Swaffer talking about people with dementia and caregivers being ‘equal partners’. I couldn’t agree more. This is my enhanced version of ‘no decision about us without us’. It’s my way of saying “do not inadvertently create division” by making people with dementia seem like targets of […]

Oral health for living better with dementia in residential care settings is a whole person affair

Whole person care involves mental health, physical health and social care. It is not easy to see at once how oral health fits into this. The need for good oral health is significant with older adults for a variety of reasons. The progression of dementia varies enormously, as does the ability to cope with dental […]

The introduction to my chapter on leadership in my follow up book on wellbeing in dementia

“All Russia is our orchard. The earth is so wide, so beautiful, so full of wonderful places. [Pause]. Just think, Anya. Your grandfather, your great-grandfather and all your ancestors owned serfs, they owned human souls. Don’t you see that from every cherry-tree in the orchard, from every leaf and every trunk, men and women are […]