Why it is legal and medical illiteracy to sue your GP over a dementia diagnosis

A recent article in Pulse magazine, entitled “GPs should be sued for ‘late’ dementia diagnoses, says professor”, claimed, “A leading academic has called for patients to sue GPs for failing to diagnose dementia, arguing that ‘the sooner someone sues a GP… the better’. Professor June Andrews, director of the Dementia Services Development Centre at the […]

Public engagement with science must be two-way: that’s why persons with early dementia are so important

I spent some of this afternoon at the Wellcome Trust on Euston Road. Euston Road is of course home of the oldest profession, as well as the General Medical Council too. I was invited to go there to discuss my plans to bring about a behavioural change in dementia-friendly communities. You see, for people with […]

The G8: when dementia care got personal (well, molecular actually)

At best, the donation of patients’ DNA for free globally in #G8dementia to enhance Pharma shareholder dividend can be sold as ‘coproduction’. It’s easy to underestimate, though, the significance of the G8 summit. It was overwhelming about the ‘magic bullet’, not the complexities of care. It made great promotional copy though for some. It was […]