Blurred lines in English dementia policy – privatisation in all but name

In case you don’t like the soundtrack, here are the slides. To some extent, Europe resolved our dispute about whether we should aspire to an ‘early diagnosis’, or ‘timely diagnosis’ for dementia. The overall consensus from the European ALCOVE project was that a diagnosis should be timely, in keeping with the needs of the person […]

Why I wrote ‘Living well with dementia’

“Living well with dementia: the importance of the person and the environment for wellbeing” is my book to be published in the UK on January 14th 2014. I have written it on my own, but I have drawn on the published work a number of Professors working in the field of dementia have sent me. […]

The G8 dementia Summit: the comparison with the botched NHS reforms is striking

This week,  to great fanfare, the G8 hosted its summit on dementia. Indeed, that the G8 were discussing a single condition was indeed remarkable. That they were joining forces to consider working together on this inspired hope. What was unforgiveable was the sheer volume of myths about dementia which were pedalled though by the media. […]

My personal view of the importance of high quality #research in dementia for the #G8summit

I have a foot in both research camps. I believe in good quality research about the ‘medicine’ of dementia. In the world of research, I am known to have contributed an original paper in the diagnosis of the frontal-variant of frontotemporal dementia. This paper explained why people with a dementia could even end up having […]

Would I want to know if I had a dementia?

Would I want to know if I had a dementia? The background to this is that I am approaching 40. For the purposes of my response, I’m pretending that I didn’t study it for finals at Cambridge, nor learn about it during my undergraduate postgraduate training/jobs, nor having written papers on it, nor having written […]

Background to the world of assistive technology

It is widely propagated in the media that the two major drivers for ‘increased costs of caring’ for the National Health Service (NHS) comprise the ageing population, as well as the increasing rôle that technological advances will play. Both factors are of course subject to ferocious debate regarding the economic sustainability for the NHS, but […]