The Purple Angels’ Dementia Awareness Day, founded by Norman McNamara, on September 20th 2014!

I’m looking forward to the Purple Angels’ Dementia Awareness Day to be held on September 20th 2014. This year’s chosen charity is “YoungDementia UK“, and here is the link to the “Just giving” page which has been set up. Dementia is considered ‘young onset’ when it affects people under 65 years of age. It is […]

“Drop in centres”. Definitely “one to watch” in the new English dementia strategy.

Access to any sort of dementia service has become the focus of scrutiny in the English dementia strategy. For example, NHS Bristol and Bristol City Council Health and Social Care have produced a strategy document entitled ‘Living well with dementia in Bristol’ to run 2011-2015. They helpfully provide the following table on page 32. There […]

Meet Norman and Terry: two people living with a dementia in different ways

“Dementia is not just about sitting in a bathroom all day, staring at the walls.” So speaks Norman McNamara in his recent BBC Devon interview this week. This may seem like a silly thing to say, but the perception of some of “people living  with dementia” can be engulfed with huge assumptions and immense negativity. The […]

Do you think the media tries actively to hide people living very well with early dementia?

Do you think the media tries actively to hide people living very well with early dementia? Don’t shoot the messenger, but this is effectively a question which Norman McNamara, well known campaigner and a person living with dementia, asked on a public forum as follows. But when you think about it, you rarely get ‘success’ […]

Sale proceeds from Norman McNamara’s books will go to ‘Young Dementia UK’

Young Dementia UK is a very interesting charity. The original name of the charity, “The Clive Project”, was a tribute to Clive and Helen. Our name change to YoungDementia UK is aimed at strengthening that tribute well into the future. Clive was in his mid-40s when his career as an Army officer suddenly nose-dived. He […]

Ostrich GPS trackers for persons living with dementia who are at risk of wandering

Ostrich Care have decided to offer “tracking devices”, supported by 24/7 365 geo tracking and contact to a live emergency call response centre. The idea is that, for people with dementia who know they’re at risk of suddenly wandering, the trackers can be used to work out where that person has gone. Norman McNamara describes […]