Why I shudder when I hear the term ‘person centred care’

When I was doing my junior medical rotations, in preparation for the clinical examinations for the Royal Colleges of Physicians, there would always be the scary assessment of ‘communication skills’. This is long before the time of the current #mynameis campaign in the NHS. Having introduced yourself to the patient, one of the first things […]

Person-centred care’s focus shouldn’t be profit generation. But it does deserve attention in dementia.

Often ‘person centred care’ can be synonymous with profit generation in the private sector, hence a focus more on purses than persons as once quipped by Kate Swaffer, but it is a methodology whose roots warrant scrutiny. It gets away from the idea of patients as fodder for biochemical and neuroimaging investigations, with not much to […]

Meeting other people living with posterior cortical atrophy

Even The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, from Oliver Sacks’ famous book, has since been speculated to have suffered from posterior cortical atrophy (PCA). A dementia is not a natural part of ageing. Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain. It’s not just about losing your memory. It’s possible to live well with […]

Are individuals living with dementia “recipients” of care?

Language is very important. Only this week, the media was stuffed full of talk of dementia being a ‘horrible disease’, and people ‘suffering’. A recent Telegraph article cited, “Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says it is “utterly shocking” that only half of people suffering from dementia are being formally diagnosed.” Society has a certain image of […]