It’s not the word ‘dementia’ itself which is stigmatising, but the words which are used around it

“the truth is dementia now stands alongside cancer as one of the greatest enemies of humanity” “just think of the families enduring the unspeakable pain of watching loved ones slipping away” (David Cameron, #G7dementia legacy event) There has been much discussion of the word ‘dementia’ itself is stigmatising. Kate Swaffer, advocate living well with dementia, […]

Living longer, living better? Lessons from the Australian jurisdiction for dementia policy.

In a missive from the Australian Government, Department of Health, it is stated that, “Dementia is predicted to become the leading cause of disability in Australia by 2016. For these reasons, the Government will take a proposal to the next meeting of Commonwealth, State and Territory Health Ministers that dementia be added to the existing […]

Kate Swaffer’s “Prescribed Disengagement”, “the sick role” and living with dementia

“Re-investing in life after a diagnosis of┬ádementia” was a blogpost written by Kate Swaffer on January 20th 2014. Kate’s experiences are fairly typical unfortunately. “Following a diagnosis of dementia, most people are told to go home, give up work, in my case, give up study, and put all the planning in place for their demise […]