The health checks for future risk of dementia themselves may not be in good health

Earlier this year, the influential Alzheimer’s Disease International charity published its World Dementia Report 2014. Dementia and Risk Reduction: An analysis of protective and modifiable factors critically examines the evidence for the existence of modifiable risk factors for dementia. It focused on sets of potential modifiable risk factors in four key domains: developmental, psychological and psychosocial, […]

The references for chapter 1 of my book on prevention/risk factors in dementia

These are the references to Chapter 1 “Introduction”, mainly an overview of English dementia policy, prevention and risk factors, for my new book, “Living better with dementia: championing change for the future” (to be published early 2014).   Websites “Call to action: the use of antipsychotics for people with dementia”   A letter to […]

‘Reasons to be cheerful’ part 4. Prof Sube Banerjee’s inaugural lecture in Brighton on living well with dementia.

For me the talk was like a badly needed holiday. I joked with Kay there, a colleague of Lisa, that it felt like a (happy) wedding reception. @charbhardy hello Chars – not at all the same without you. Thinking of you and G. Very windy on seafront here at Brighton x — shibley (@legalaware) February […]

Is prevention of dementia merely a pipe dream?

Predicting the future on the basis of your past is of course the ultimate goal of the shopping industry. It also seems to be the goal of healthcare, as consumer behaviour and patient care appear to converge in ever-marketised healthcare. When you ‘sign up’ for a health subscription somewhere, one day, it’s possible you’ll be […]