My marketing campaign brainstorming session at the RSA this morning for ‘decisions in dementia’.

We were joined by top marketing consultants this morning to advise on our crowdsourcing campaign. The draft details of my crowdsourcing campaign, to raise awareness of decisions, the importance of decisions in dementia, and how decisions can possibly be influenced, are here on my Kickstarter page. This campaign is not live yet. Most marketing strategists […]

A proposed use of @theRSA’s “Steer” for a behavioural change for dementia friendly communities

I am about to present to you a proposal for a change in behaviour from ‘dementia friendly communities’ to putting the boot on the other foot, persons with early dementia leading communities with their beliefs, concerns and expectations. I would be enormously grateful for any feedback on my ideas, which I’m deadly serious about it. […]

A new way of conceptualising ‘dementia friendly communities’: the elephant and the rider

“An even clearer way to think about Steering behaviour is to take Jonathan Haidt’s image of an elephant and a rider.34 The elephant represents our basic automatic responses and habits. The rider is our goal-directed and controlled decision-making capacity. The rider is certainly not an all-powerful master – it is no easy thing to guide […]

Chris Roberts’ plan to set up a dementia café: persons with dementia driving decision-making

There’s been a persistent concern amongst many academics and amongst many persons with dementia themselves that persons with dementia are not at the heart of decision-making in dementia-friendly communities. The notion of ‘no dementia about me without me’ has not been rigorously applied to dementia-friendly communities, with directors of strategy in corporates seeking to consider […]

Dementia friendly communities: corporates not behaving badly, or clever marketing?

There is of course an element of both. “Dementia friendly communities” could be an example of corporates not behaving badly, to create a competitive advantage for themselves; or it could be quite nifty marketing. Corporates not behaving badly, officially known as “corporate social responsibility” is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. […]

Dementia friendly communities: how creating shared value became so important in English policy

There is a strong sense from the National Dementia Strategy (2009) of the need for individuals living well with dementia to be part of a wider network which creates higher shared value. The establishment and maintenance of such networks will provide direct local peer support for people with dementia and their carers. It will also enable […]