My final book on living with dementia: seeing the big picture

The picture above was taken at Ljubljana in Slovenia where we had the 25th Alzheimer Europe conference on the theme of “Dementia: Putting strategies and research into practice”. Perhaps one of the most overused terms of the century is ‘breaking down the silo’. I don’t know enough about the engineering of silos to comment, thankfully. […]

My talk on my new book at the Alzheimer’s Show (London Olympia) June 6th 2015

Today, I was honoured to be invited to speak about my work on dementia in a session called “Meet the authors” at the Alzheimer’s Show here in London Olympia. Thanks to Nigel Ward for organising this year’s programme, and to my co-presenters Marion and Maggie who presented their books on personal life experiences of caring […]

Where would repeal of the Human Rights Act leave rights based advocacy for dementia?

Tomorrow is in fact the day of the ‘Legal Aid walk’ – the annual event where law firms, law students, barristers, solicitors and supporting staff take to the streets in the heart of London to walk a fair old distance in support of legal aid and access to justice. This is very timely. Law is […]

The English ‘Dementia Vision’ is a despotic dystopic farce

It’s a moot point whether the new ‘owementia Vision’ document, formally called the ‘Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia 2020’ will last longer than the current Prime Minister. Any reasonable person would feel that this has overstepped the line of political decency in being excessively partisan. It was not so much published yesterday, but, rather, sneaked […]

Book launches by Kate Swaffer and Shibley Rahman in Camden in June 2015

Kate and I are making available a limited number of tickets for our joint event, to celebrate publication of our books on dementia later this year. This event is mainly by invite-only. If, however, you wish to be considered for one of these other tickets, we’d be delighted to meet you. Details of the event […]

Stigma in dementia poses crucial questions for dementia friendly communities

The literature on stigma is comprehensive. But Kate Swaffer added to it beautifully in the journal ‘Dementia’, with an article today – on open access – entitled “Dementia: Stigma, language and dementia friendly”. Kate refers to a blogpost by Ken Clasper, a Dementia Friends Champion, which asks, sensibly, what we are trying to achieve with […]