Living well with corporate capture. What is the future of the Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge?

“Citizens have become consumers with status proportional to purchasing power, and former public spaces have been enclosed and transformed into private malls for shopping as recreation or “therapy.” Step by step, private companies, dedicated to enriching their owners, take over the core functions of the state. This process, which has profound implications for health policy, is […]

A timely reminder from Prof Sube Banerjee, co-author of ‘Living well with dementia’ (2009)

Apart from one caption saying ‘suffer from dementia’, this video I thought was excellent. Sube gives a very clear definition of dementia which I really liked. I think the point that dementia is not a part of ageing, but associated with ageing, is extremely important. I think we’re likely to have increasing concern that dementia […]

An innovative programme to encourage extensive knowledge sharing: the HE KSS/BSMS Primary Care Dementia Fellowship Programme

The HE KSS/BSMS (Health Education Kent Surrey and Sussex / Brighton and Sussex Medical School) have launched the “Primary Care Dementia Fellowship Programme”. This is a programme for GPs, practice nurses and staff, and community nurses in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. (Health Education Kent Surrey and Sussex will provide the funding to release Fellows to […]

‘Reasons to be cheerful’ part 4. Prof Sube Banerjee’s inaugural lecture in Brighton on living well with dementia.

For me the talk was like a badly needed holiday. I joked with Kay there, a colleague of Lisa, that it felt like a (happy) wedding reception. @charbhardy hello Chars – not at all the same without you. Thinking of you and G. Very windy on seafront here at Brighton x — shibley (@legalaware) February […]