Operationalising ‘the cognitive footprint’

It is widely accepted that well-being is a multidimensional concept encompassing multiple domains of human functioning (McGillivray, 2007). Objective and subjective well-being is fundamental to many international economic strategy recommendations and the measurement and monitoring of both is increasingly required for policy development and evaluation. There has recently been a surge in interest in measuring […]

Life all good selfies, co-production for research into dementia might not be as it appears

This was the famous selfie from the Oscars which went viral all over the internet, partly thanks to social networking sites such as Twitter. But this snap photo explains why Liza Minelli was unable to make it. That things might not be quite as they first appear is nothing new. Kate Swaffer (@KateSwaffer), living with […]

I intend to promote the need of high quality wellbeing research at the SDCRN 4th Annual Conference on dementia in Glasgow today

This is the programme for today which I’m looking to enormously today. I will be promoting heavily the cause of living well with dementia, to swing the pendulum away from pumping all the money into clinical trials into drug trials for medications which thus far have had nasty side effects. In keeping with this, I […]

My name is Shibley, and I’m addicted to buying my own book ‘Living well with dementia’

I’ve sat in more recovery sessions than you’ve had hot dinners…. .. possibly. So I get a surge of dopamine whenever I receive yet more copies of my book from Amazon. Worth every penny. I am Shibley. and I’m addicted to buying my own book. But I also have a weird habit of getting people […]

Sure, it’s about dementia research stupid, but don’t forget about wellbeing.

The famous aphorism of Carville is: “It’s the economy stupid, but don’t forget about healthcare.” This is the way I feel about certain dementia campaigners who unashamedly wish to sideline wellbeing, in the search for a ‘cure’ via well funded biology labs. Australia will host the next meeting of the Group of Twenty (G20) in […]

#G8summit: Hazel Blears MP (@HazelBlearsMP) praises patients and carers, and calls for research into living well with dementia

On Thursday 28 November 2013, MPs debated the G8 summit on dementia. The debate was chosen by the Backbench Business Committee following a representation from Tracey Crouch. The application for debate was also sponsored by Hazel Blears and Paul Burstow. This discussion, by parliamentarians, was in fact a very fair and balanced consideration of the […]

Resilience in the midst of austerity: a challenge for dementia wellbeing

In Prof. Felicia Huppert’s latest chapter entitled, “The state of well-being science: concepts, measures, interventions and policie”s, to appear in Interventions and Policies to Enhance Well-being (Huppert, F.A. and Cooper, C.L. (eds.) ), Prof. Huppert re-establishes the perspective that it is possible to demonstrate wellbeing even in the presence of a label of a clinical diagnosis. This aligns itself […]