The time is now right to promote specialist nurses in ‘dementia friendly communities’

There was a time when the GP used to be at the heart of a person’s community, as well as ‘delivering care’. For some people, there is no such thing as society, and the community consists of high street brands, banks and services (such as police or fire). I’ve spent some time thinking about the […]

‘Whole person care’ has been done by family doctors for years. We do not need yet more managerial silos.

“No matter how busy you are, you must take time to make the other person feel important.” -Mary Kay Ash People living with dementia are generally not kept ‘in the loop’ about major decisions in the running of their health and social care services. Whereas some politicians clearly see some capital in promoting dementia, it […]

Could the “social impact bond” help to improve services in dementia care?

It’s impossible to ignore the occasional spate of reports of ‘care home scandals’, including Winterbourne View and Orchid View. Whilst a direction of travel might be to advance people living ‘successfully’ as long as possible independently, there’ll be some people for whom a care home might be appropriate. There are particular aims of policy designed […]

A large scale cultural national transformation is needed to drive whole person care in dementia

I’ll be blunt. It’s my dream for the #NHS to run a proactive not reactive service, promoting the whole person living well with dementia. The Australian jurisdiction have recently provided some helpful inroads here. The narrative has changed from one of incessantly referring to people living with dementia as a ‘burden’ on the rest of […]

“There’s more to a person than the dementia”. Why personhood matters for future dementia policy.

“Dementia Friends” is an initiative from the Alzheimer’s Society and Public Health England. In this series of blogpost, I take an independent look at each of the five core messages of “Dementia Friends” and I try to explain why they are extremely important for raising public awareness of the dementias.     There’s more to […]

Thanks to Andy Burnham for emphasising “care co-ordinators” which I feel are pivotal to living well with dementia

This morning I had a present for Andy Burnham MP (@andyburnhammp), about to lead the Labour troops into battle for the European elections. The present is of course a copy of my book ‘Living well with dementia’, which is an account of the importance of personhood and the environment for a person living with dementia. […]

Is doing “more with less” in dementia becoming “a lot more with virtually nothing”?

The “doing more with less” mantra of course very popular as a solution to the impending doom of having to treat the old fatties with a burgeoning technology budget. Re-engineering the health system has become a hobby of thinktankers, in the best spirit of the blind watchmaker. But policy wonks are still unable to escape […]