Now that Maria Miller’s finally left, it’s time to welcome ‘dementia pharma’ to the last chance saloon

In everyday English, a “last chance saloon” means a situation beyond all rational hope. After decades of working on drugs for Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the best the industry can manage is some drugs which have some effect on symptoms for a few months, but for which there’s no evidence they delay the progression in the long term. […]

Specialised organisations of persons with dementia and carers are needed to promote the wellbeing agenda

One of the biggest illusions, and this is not a ‘complaint’ about this jurisdiction only, is that large dementia charities represent the views of persons with dementia. They have a myriad of different influences, and certainly it has become dangerous that they legitimise policy directions from which many persons with dementia and caregivers can become […]

The “dementia prevalence calculator”: for a person to access a timely diagnosis, or for private markets to access the person?

The market philosophy has gripped the NHS by the jugular through policy developments from successive governments. It is argued that all health care systems in the world have to design effective allocative mechanisms for the available “scarce health care resources”. The “dementia prevalence calculator” tool also enables health and care communities to: calculate local dementia […]

Why I wrote ‘Living well with dementia’

“Living well with dementia: the importance of the person and the environment for wellbeing” is my book to be published in the UK on January 14th 2014. I have written it on my own, but I have drawn on the published work a number of Professors working in the field of dementia have sent me. […]