Personalised medicine, genetics and Big Data: the “New Jerusalem” for dementia?

The fact that there are real individuals at the heart of a policy strand summarised as ‘young onset dementia’ is all too easily forgotten, especially by people who prefer to construct “policy by spreadsheet”. It is relatively uncommon for a dementia to be down to a single gene, but it can happen. And certainly, even […]

In “Big Dementia”, who cares about dementia carers?

Without the work of unpaid carers, the formal care system would be likely to collapse. Some feel that the State gets a “very good deal” out of this current system. The ongoing support from unpaid carers will be a particular issue for the care system in the future, as changing demographic patterns, shifts in family […]

Does it matter the public was completely misled about the real motives of the G8 dementia summit?

You can argue that the general public were not in fact misled over anything. The Department of Health had a live stream for the entire day, and the communique and declaration were made available at the end of the day. It can be argued that the scale of the issue of prevalence of cases of […]

The G8: when dementia care got personal (well, molecular actually)

At best, the donation of patients’ DNA for free globally in #G8dementia to enhance Pharma shareholder dividend can be sold as ‘coproduction’. It’s easy to underestimate, though, the significance of the G8 summit. It was overwhelming about the ‘magic bullet’, not the complexities of care. It made great promotional copy though for some. It was […]