Dementia friendly supermarket checkouts are offensive and should cease now

There are many burning issues in English dementia policy. One is mitigating against a high number of low quality and unreliable diagnoses of dementia due to poorly trained staff and inadequate resources in the system overall. Another is the poor coordination of care following diagnosis, due to the haphazard partial and inadequate roll out of […]

The views of people living better with dementia, and their closest ones, matter intensely

There’s been a long history of people having difficulty in saying what they mean by ‘integrated care’. Such debates nearly always converge on difficulties and ‘sustainability’ of funding. In the narrowest sense, it probably means health and care coming together under operational constraints such as pooled budgets and care coordinators. In the wider sense, it […]

A lack of patients’ or carers’ representative on the World Dementia Council is either an oversight or is entirely deliberate

In fairness, there’s nothing ambiguous about the stated intentions of the ‘World Dementia Council‘. “The creation of a World Dementia Council was one of the main commitments made at the G8 dementia summit in December 2013. The council aims to stimulate innovation, development and commercialisation of life enhancing drugs, treatments and care for people with dementia, or […]

Awareness about dementia is not just public ignorance: it’s also critical to living with dementia

Often I’m struck about how the ‘awareness’ focus in dementia is making people in general public simply knowledgeable that dementia exists in 800,000 people in the UK. But awareness about symptoms in persons living with dementia themselves is also a critical component, and cannot be factored out of the debate in current policy drive to […]

Who were the biggest winners and losers of the G8 dementia summit? My survey of 96 persons without dementia

Background The G8 summit on dementia was much promoted ‘to put dementia on top of the world agenda’. It is described in detail on the “Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge” website. I went only last Monday to Glasgow to the SDCRN conference retrospective on the G8 dementia. It was a sort-of debrief for people in the […]

In “Big Dementia”, who cares about dementia carers?

Without the work of unpaid carers, the formal care system would be likely to collapse. Some feel that the State gets a “very good deal” out of this current system. The ongoing support from unpaid carers will be a particular issue for the care system in the future, as changing demographic patterns, shifts in family […]