My research survey on perceptions and image of dementia following the G8 dementia summit

This study can only take place subject to ethical approval from a local COREC. Whilst there is no wish to collect data apart from anonymously, and whilst we will ensure governance of the study for data collection, information given to participants, and whilst we will seek permission to take part (and consent), it’s imperative that […]

Does it matter the public was completely misled about the real motives of the G8 dementia summit?

You can argue that the general public were not in fact misled over anything. The Department of Health had a live stream for the entire day, and the communique and declaration were made available at the end of the day. It can be argued that the scale of the issue of prevalence of cases of […]

The #G8Dementia Summit: a lack of cure for dementia, and tough on the causes of the lack of cure

The setting for today’s #G8Dementia Summit was in Lancaster House, London. Many thanks to Beth Britton, Ambassador for Alzheimer’s BRACE and campaigner, Anna Hepburn at the Department of Health, and Dr Peter Gordon, Consultant and expert in dementia, for helping understand, with the excellent livestream from the Department of Health, what challenges might be in […]