50 shades of drivel in incentivising dementia diagnosis in primary care in England

Nobody wants a person waiting unreasonably for a correct diagnosis of dementia. This discussion is NOT about that. The now infamous odious scheme from NHS England was designed to give GP surgeries £55 for every patient on their list who has been diagnosed with dementia in the six months up to next March, as part […]

Communication skills for medical students on disclosing the possible diagnosis of dementia

Dr Sharma and I will be hosting a communication skills session for final year medical students on Sunday. We intend to use the following mock scenario on disclosing a diagnosis of dementia. The aim of this session is to discuss how communication skills are assessed in medical examinations.   This is the actual example scenario […]

“There’s more to a person than the dementia”. Why personhood matters for future dementia policy.

“Dementia Friends” is an initiative from the Alzheimer’s Society and Public Health England. In this series of blogpost, I take an independent look at each of the five core messages of “Dementia Friends” and I try to explain why they are extremely important for raising public awareness of the dementias.     There’s more to […]

The difficulties of the delayed diagnosis for dementia in primary care

If a surgery appointment is booked for someone over 65, a ‘participating GP’,  might be incentivised to ask about memory problems in a patient at risk of dementia due to heart disease, stroke or diabetes. There is a concern that some people are missing out on a timely diagnosis of dementia. It is claimed that some […]

I am a person, not a diagnosis: deconstructing Kate Swaffer’s poem on dementia

I have always understood “living with dementia” to mean that that person carries on with life, knowing that there is an underlying medical phenomenon somewhere. To me, it’s exactly the same as living in recovery from alcohol dependence. If I were to have another alcoholic drink, I wouldn’t be able to stop drinking. It’s a […]

My personal view of the importance of high quality #research in dementia for the #G8summit

I have a foot in both research camps. I believe in good quality research about the ‘medicine’ of dementia. In the world of research, I am known to have contributed an original paper in the diagnosis of the frontal-variant of frontotemporal dementia. This paper explained why people with a dementia could even end up having […]

Jeremy Hunt’s message on dementia should have been ‘screened’ for damaging myths

My presumption is that I wish to be extremely positive about HM Government’s own volition about leading the G8 with the subject of dementia. Also, the “Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge”, which sets out a roadmap for dementia for this year and next, has been a success which I much admire. David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt, […]