Dementia friendly communities and ‘the Big Society’ – my pledge for #NHSChangeDay

If you trawl back ‘through the archives’, it is quite constructive to chart the origins of ‘the Big Society’. Often seen as the policy turkey which never flew, it was the idea that communities could produce measurable outcomes for the benefit of society through voluntary action. The “Big Society” has had more policy relaunches than […]

The World Dementia Council will be much stronger from democratic representation from leaders living with dementia

There is no doubt the ‘World Dementia Council’ (WDC) is a very good thing. It contains some very strong people in global dementia policy, and will be a real ‘force for change’, I feel. But recently the Dementia Alliance International (DAI) have voiced concerns about lack of representation of people with dementia on the WDC […]

If no two people are the same, how can we build ‘dementia friendly communities’?

Even identical twins act differently. This is because they are shaped by the environment in unique ways, even if they have exactly genetic sequence as the blueprint which designed them. It therefore cannot be any surprise that no two individuals in society are in the same, as you can easily witness with the range of […]

It’s time we talked about ‘dementia friendly communities’

This could be the video from any corporate. The point is that the video contains very familiar concepts and memes which can be marketed very easily. I have reviewed the development of the policy of ‘dementia friendly communities’ in the penultimate chapter of my book ‘Living well with dementia’. The description of “dementia friendly communities” […]