Who were the biggest winners and losers of the G8 dementia summit? My survey of 96 persons without dementia

Background The G8 summit on dementia was much promoted ‘to put dementia on top of the world agenda’. It is described in detail on the “Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge” website. I went only last Monday to Glasgow to the SDCRN conference retrospective on the G8 dementia. It was a sort-of debrief for people in the […]

I intend to promote the need of high quality wellbeing research at the SDCRN 4th Annual Conference on dementia in Glasgow today

This is the programme for today which I’m looking to enormously today. I will be promoting heavily the cause of living well with dementia, to swing the pendulum away from pumping all the money into clinical trials into drug trials for medications which thus far have had nasty side effects. In keeping with this, I […]

An analysis of 75 English language web articles on the G8 dementia summit

Background Experience has suggested that academic scientists can be as ‘guilty’ as the popular press in generating a ‘moral panic’ causing mass anxiety and hysteria. Take for example the media reporting of the new variant Creuztfeld-Jacob disease, a very rare yet important cause of dementia (Fitzpatrick, 1996). How dementia is represented in the media is […]

A binary choice between personalised medicine or person-centred care? We can’t go on like this.

This piece of mine is to appear in ‘My Health Skills’ tomorrow. I have been given permission to reproduce it here. In 2009, the then Government in England published its five year strategy for dementia. It’s therefore very timely, as we approach 2014, to take stock the direction of our policy, and to evaluate critically […]