A single cure is not the only hope for living better with dementia

Many people living with dementia, having been told to expect the worst sometimes from some professionals, find themselves surprised when they’ve found they’ve met some nice people after diagnosis, and learnt new things. And guess what? You do not have to be religious to have hopes. Addressing emotional and physical needs are important for meeting […]

Where now for the English dementia strategy? My views on policy. #kfdementia

It is estimated that in 2015 there will be 850,000 people living with dementia. Having decided at the beginning of last year that I would to any conferences on dementia, I found myself attending the Alzheimer’s Show in London Olympia and Manchester; the Alzheimer’s Association conference in Copenhagen of a book signing, Alzheimer’s Europe conference […]

A powerful group led by persons with dementia may be just the disruptive innovation the world needs

This, rather than “The Golden Arches”, is fast becoming a symbol of hope. The motor vehicle was supposed to be a major disruption for the horse and cart. Paper superseded parchment. The DVD long surpassed the audio cassette. Progress and innovation, whatever your political philosophy, some might say is pretty inevitable. In terms of technology, […]

A person newly diagnosed with dementia has a question for primary care, and primary care should know the answer

Picture this. It’s a busy GP morning surgery in London. A patient in his 50s, newly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, a condition which causes a progressive decline in structure and function of the brain, has a simple question off his GP. “Now that I know that I have Alzheimer’s disease, how best can I look […]

A need for much more effective regulation for dementia charities

All governments in the UK have recently thought about ‘reforming public services’, mostly in the context of public-private partnerships (PPP) or the private finance initiative (PFI). Third sector organisations, such as social enterprises and charities, especially large ones, are acting in increasingly private or even corporate ways. Many feel that this has now become a […]

My name is Shibley, and I’m addicted to buying my own book ‘Living well with dementia’

I’ve sat in more recovery sessions than you’ve had hot dinners…. .. possibly. So I get a surge of dopamine whenever I receive yet more copies of my book from Amazon. Worth every penny. I am Shibley. and I’m addicted to buying my own book. But I also have a weird habit of getting people […]