References for my last book ‘Enhancing health for living with dementia: care homes and care at home’

The references are given as below. This will give you a good flavour of the topics I wish to cover in my final book. I am honoured that the Forewords to my book will be written by Prof Sube Banerjee, Chair in Dementia at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Lisa Rodrigues and Lucy Frost.   […]

A personal thank you to Prof John Hodges from me – and congratulations for his #AAIC2015 lifetime achievement award

I am delighted that Prof John Hodges has been honoured in this year’s #AAIC2015. John took a major rĂ´le in guiding me over my own Ph.D. thesis at the University of Cambridge on the M.B./Ph.D. programme under Prof Tim Cox. He is an unique individual in every sense. John is a very generous man with […]

‘Living better’ can become a reality for people with dementia if they lead policy

In the penultimate chapter in my book, I provide a reasoned case why people living with dementia should be given a chance to articulate details of ‘policy’. Virtually all of us who attended the event (“A conversation with Kate and Shibley” described in this previous blogpost of mine on this blog) found the afternoon ‘inspiring’ […]

My talk on my new book at the Alzheimer’s Show (London Olympia) June 6th 2015

Today, I was honoured to be invited to speak about my work on dementia in a session called “Meet the authors” at the Alzheimer’s Show here in London Olympia. Thanks to Nigel Ward for organising this year’s programme, and to my co-presenters Marion and Maggie who presented their books on personal life experiences of caring […]